Product designed with a careful selection of high-quality algae extracts and a concentration of bioactive components that help the stimulation of the plant in its roots. 

Indicated to improve the microflora and microfauna of the soil by proliferating the growth of beneficial microorganisms that facilitate rhizogenesis. In addition, it provides stronger roots capable of cushioning any external alteration.

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250 mL
5 L
1 L


  • Total Nitrogen (N) 3,5 % p/p
    • Nitric Nitrogen (N) 2,5 % p/p
    • Ammonic Nitrogen (N) 1,0 % p/p
  • Water-soluble Potassium (K2O) 4,0 % p/p
  • Aglinic Acid 0,4 % p/p
  • Mannitol 0,1 % p/p

How to use

Outdoor: 2 ml / 1 L of water.
Indoor: Consult the application tables.